Google Test Quick Reference

I just created a Google Test Quick Reference document for the developers at a client I am working with. I am going to have it laminated and hope they keep it handy as they learn the new framework.

After completing the document I thought others might find it useful as well so I am including it here. I created a LeanDog version that has the LeanDog logo and other information. I also created a plain copy that does not include the logo. I hope you find this useful.

Working with Cucumber on the Windows platform

Frequently I teach classes on Cucumber for individuals in the testing community. Often this is their first exposure to Ruby and Cucumber and they usually have laptops running Windows. A week before the class I send out a document detailing software to install prior to their arrival. Nearly every time somebody has difficulties installing or verifying the installation of these tools. This post is designed to help people in a similar situation with step by step instructions on getting Cucumber running on your Windows computer.

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Drag-and-Drop in Watir

A month ago I was working with a team that had a need to write acceptance tests for a feature that included drag-and-drop. My initial search turned up some code that implemented it well. I have since tried to find that code again with no success so I am sorry for not being able to give credit where it is due. Anyway, I enhanced the code I originally found and wish to present it here.

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UI Tests – putting it all together

I have really enjoyed writing this series on UI Tests with Cucumber. I have been able to share the things I have learned while working with diverse teams helping them adopt an Acceptance Test Driven approach to deliver quality software. So far in this series we have covered:

This post is about workflow. How does automated acceptance testing fit into the software development lifecycle? Who is impacted and how? Who should run the tests and when?

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