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For the past two of years I have had a string of successes and a lot of fun helping teams adopt Acceptance Test Driven Development with Cucumber. I was never brought in to do this specifically. You see, I am an agile coach and I help team adopt agile and lean practices. And yet due to these successes with Cucumber I started thinking about how I might share these experiences.

I initially decided I would write a blog series. When I outlined it I quickly determined it would take nearly thirty entries to share all I wanted to share. That was when I came up with the crazy idea of writing a book. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. For the past several months I have spent a fair amount of my free time (do I really have free time?) working on this book. With this post I am releasing the first two chapters of that book.

The book is primarily written for testers with little or no scripting experience. In the book I am introducing the reader to Acceptance Testing, Ruby, Cucumber, and good design principles. Perhaps that is too much to ask for one book but I’ll let you be the judge.

The two chapters below will need a fair amount of rework. You see, I made a mistake. When I got started with this endeavor the words started flowing rapidly. I really needed a simple application I could use to write my tests against. An application quickly came to mind and I downloaded it and started to use it in my writings. A few months and several chapters later I decided to check to make sure I really had the “rights” to use this example. I didn’t.

I am in the process of completing a new example application and once it is finished I will be changing these chapters (and others) to use it.

What’s covered?

The book talks about techniques and patterns that can be used to tests many different types of applications. There are a few chapters on testing web applications but there are also chapters on testing mobile applications, native win32 applications, web services, as well as headless applications. We also have chapters that cover reading and writing XML and using databases in your tests.

When will the book be released?

I have most of the book written although I will have to rewrite a few chapters once I finish the new example application. The main item that remains is finding a publisher (if you’re out there please give me a call!). Overall I hope the book will be out by the summer.

Show me the book please!

I am including chapters three and four. I welcome all feedback!

Chapter 3 PDF ePub Kindle
Chapter 4 PDF ePub Kindle

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  2. Good deal, Cheezy.

    From the purchasing perspective I enjoy dealing with the PragProg site immensely. I pre-ordered Using JRuby, allowing me ebook downloads of pre-print versions. You could ask Charles Nutter, et al how many — if any — suggestions and corrections they received going the early release route.

  3. hi Cheezy

    Very like your post, and hope to see your book soon. Actually, I had an idea to translate your some blog posts about cucumber into Chinese and share with others (of course with the info indicating that translated from your post), and I want to know if I have the “rights”?

    • I am currently working on a re-write of several of the chapters. Once this is finished I hope to put the first six chapters up on the site as a collection. Stay tuned!

  4. Eagerly looking for this book ASAP. I am a tester and do not have much touchbase with scripting for long time. It would be helpful to follow this book to start some automated test

  5. Cheezy, great stuff. I can’t wait to read your book/watir. Have you considered teaming up with the authors of “The Cucumber book” now in beta from PragProg. Your content would really go well there and would add much more value.

  6. Thanks Cheezy, for all of this information on Cucumber, Watir etc.
    Please let me know from where I can buy this book. Would like to buy it.

    Many Thanks,

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