Running your Cukes in Jenkins

One question that I am often asked is “How do you run your cucumber scripts?”. This question usually leads to a discussion about what process and software I use to run my features in a regression-like fashion in a team setting. The questioners are usually not interested in how a developer might use autotest (my local tool of choice) to run the cuke/spec loop. They’re not interested in how a developer might run a feature on their local machine to verify they have completed a card. They’re also not interested in how a developer or tester might run the entire suite of features to verify everything still works. They want to know how to schedule the execution of the entire suite of features.

The truth is that I don’t run them. Instead I have a server process run the features for me. I am a strong advocate of having the continuous integration server run the acceptance tests continuously. This post will explain how I do it and hopefully provide you the information you need to do it as well.

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Those pesky frames and iframes

Wouldn’t it be sweet if all of the web pages in the world were nicely formed with easy to identify elements. If you work in an environment like this, I am envious. I often find myself working with a team where the sites are not pristine (I’m being nice here).

One thing I have found difficult to work with is pages that have frames and iframes. It gets worse when the elements you are trying to work with are nested within multiple frames/iframes. To address this complexity I decided to add simple frames handling to page-object.

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