page-object 0.5.4 released

*** You are calling a method named table.
*** This method does not exist in page-object so it is being passed to the driver.
*** This feature will be removed in the near future.
*** Please change your code to call the correct page-object method.
*** If you are using functionality that does not exist in page-object please request it be added.

You might see a warning similar to this one when you use the new page-object release. I am planning on removing something that current exists in the gem. This post will explain what and why.

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Default Data Revisited

I just released a new version of the page-object gem today and it contains a nice new feature. This new feature will make it very easy to apply a set of data to a screen and have it populate all of the fields. This feature, when combined with a new gem I plan to announce soon, will allow for dynamic default data that can be used to drive a web application. This data can be managed within the pages or externally.

This post is an actual section from chapter 5 of my book. It introduces the concept of Default Data and also shows how to use this new feature.

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