4 thoughts on “Using page-object with RSpec

  1. Very helpful podcast! Is there somewhere I can I find source code for the examples in this podcast? I’d like to see what’s in some of the files not covered in this podcast. For example, I’d like to compare/contrast what’s in your *page.rb files compared to the error_panel.rb file also in the ‘pages’ subdir. And I’d like to see what all is in CheckoutPage to make the navigate_to() method work, and what the complete_order() method does exactly. Things like that. Thanks!

  2. Hi. I have followed your example exactly and I get an error message when attempting to run a test from the terminal using – rspec my_test.rb. Error message is: rescue in require_all’: no such file to load — lib. No idea why this is happening as the folder structure I have is the same as shown in the example. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

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