Test Automation Bootcamp

I am beginning work on something I call Test Automation Bootcamp. It is an 8 week immersion into the practice of Test Automation. You can read about it here. You can also view the curriculum. I am very excited about putting this together. Please take the time to register on the website if you want to stay informed as things progress.

6 thoughts on “Test Automation Bootcamp

  1. This sounds like alot of fun! But there are no information, that i have found, about where in the world it will be held.

    Also i have a c#/specflow background. I can read and write basic ruby. But will this still be something i can be a part of?


    • We are still working out the details at this time. I do not know where the permanent location will be but I can say that the first one will be located at the LeanDog office in Cleveland, OH. I will be updating the site with information as I work it out.

      Basic Ruby skills are fine to get started with the bootcamp.


  2. The boot camp appears to be good. How the working people will attend 40 hrs a week.

    Also, please let me know the cost of the automation boot camp

    • Pradeep,

      As I worked on this idea I ended up with a lot of companies interested in partnering with and hiring graduates but was unable to find enough students to fill even one class. At this time I am not planning to go forward with this.


      • Man not enough students wow, there is a demand for it … I was just looking into it myself, what about a part time program one can do online via go to meeting and training videos or something? And then set up skype/ phone interviews with those employers that are interested? The issue may be that most people have to work full time so a part time program in the afternoons may be better, and a full time for those fresh out of college or not working. But I think an online program will work.

        That’s how I did my selenium training with Java.

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