page-object 0.5.4 released

*** You are calling a method named table.
*** This method does not exist in page-object so it is being passed to the driver.
*** This feature will be removed in the near future.
*** Please change your code to call the correct page-object method.
*** If you are using functionality that does not exist in page-object please request it be added.

You might see a warning similar to this one when you use the new page-object release. I am planning on removing something that current exists in the gem. This post will explain what and why.

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Default Data Revisited

I just released a new version of the page-object gem today and it contains a nice new feature. This new feature will make it very easy to apply a set of data to a screen and have it populate all of the fields. This feature, when combined with a new gem I plan to announce soon, will allow for dynamic default data that can be used to drive a web application. This data can be managed within the pages or externally.

This post is an actual section from chapter 5 of my book. It introduces the concept of Default Data and also shows how to use this new feature.

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Playing the waiting game

One difficulty testers run into when they are new to driving browsers with cucumber is knowing how to handle sites that contain a lot of ajax calls. They write scripts that assume the elements on the page exist and are shocked when the tests fails because it was trying to access something that wasn’t on the page yet.

In this post I’ll write a simple scenario that demos the async handling capabilities in the page-object gem. I’ll also briefly introduce you to a new gem that I use to generate my new projects. I’ll do all of this by writing a scenario that uses one of the examples google has provided to demo the GWT libraries. For those of you who have taken one of my classes you will already be familiar with this example but perhaps there are still a few things here for you to learn. Let’s get started writing the code!

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