Bowling Game in C++

Last year was a blast. I started the year coaching a team that was developing a grails web application. Next was a batch application written in perl and pl-sql. Next I moved on to objective-c and then on to php and flash. I finished the year in java. I used ruby for testing with all of the teams. The variety has been fantastic and I have enjoyed each assignment. One thing that was really encouraging was that I found good unit testing framework in each language.

Last Thursday I attended the Cleveland Ruby Brigade meeting. It was nice to see a some old friends. I mentioned a few times that I had just started working with a team that was using C++. Each time the reaction was negative. People said things like “I’m sorry for you”. Actually, there is nothing to be sorry about. C++ is a strong language that has continued to evolve over the years and will have a place in software development for the foreseeable future.

The negative reaction to C++ encouraged me to create this screencast (my first ever). I had some time Monday morning before work so I turned on the recorder. I am using Google Test to drive the design. I hope you enjoy.

Google Test Quick Reference

I just created a Google Test Quick Reference document for the developers at a client I am working with. I am going to have it laminated and hope they keep it handy as they learn the new framework.

After completing the document I thought others might find it useful as well so I am including it here. I created a LeanDog version that has the LeanDog logo and other information. I also created a plain copy that does not include the logo. I hope you find this useful.